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T H E  J O U R N E Y

Two goofy girls, one crazy dream, and a whole lot of sweat equity. That’s the short version of how Joy in the Journey + Co. started.


The long version? A couple of undergrad students at Iowa State University who first met as high school juniors at a political conference for girls rekindled their friendship and realized their passions + goals aligned. While sitting around the kitchen island in a one-bedroom apartment eating homemade Chinese, the idea of starting a blog slipped out. It was immediately a personal priority + goal.


In January of 2019, a roadblock on a catchy caption for an Instagram post about new year goals led to a rapid brainstorming session. The result was “Finding Joy in the Journey”, which was instantly adopted as the name for this, our creative abode. From there we worked our fingers to the bone organizing documents, making lists, researching content, setting deadlines, and planning meetings, all to share our journeys with you.


T H E  J O Y

Our focus is simple: we want the things that bring us joy to bring you joy, too. We live for inspiration + lifestyle improvement + personal development and want to share our love for those things with you. We lean on “+ Co.” from time to time for inspiration and to bring in an outside perspective on their journeys and their joys.


Each of us have been through unique mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and personal journeys. Often, we have no control on what journeys life takes us on. We do, however, have the power to find the positive in each + every day. Our creation is about just that, helping each other find joy in the journey.


You don’t get to choose your journey, but you do get to choose your joy.


T H E  T E A M
katie decker

Discipline | Achiever | Responsibility | Relator | Belief


Creativity has always been a joy of mine. What started as making music videos on snow days in middle school with my little sister turned into building my own portrait photography business. I tend to over-analyze everything so I don’t usually get to pick where we eat because it takes too long for me to decide. Some would call me a neat freak, although I’m really more of a master planner + crafting extraordinaire + outdoor adventure seeker. And yes, I’m still trying to decide where to eat for lunch.


emily  campbell

Belief | Relator | Developer | Empathetic | Individualization

Every friend group has to have a mom friend, and it seems like I usually fall into that role. I nurture my people with little notes + yummy meals + endless support. I’ve been told I’m a good listener, although my kindergarten teacher might disagree (sorry, Mrs. Lynch). I’m notorious for buying a bunch of bananas, eating one, and forgetting about the rest, so I’m very good at making banana bread. But hey, we all have flaws, right?